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Scotland, again, Pt. 2: More Epic Dog Portraits


Whoooooie, is it possible to still be buzzing from such a great trip? In case you missed my last post, I went on a week-long trip with 17 other pet photographers back in May. This, of course, was the Not a Retreat “retreat.”

We had 5 full days of shooting, 2 locations per day, and at least 321 willing models, each more beautiful than the next. Ok, I may be exaggerating but that’s what happens when I’m on dog+epic location+other pet photogs overdrive.

In fact, I’m STILL not done editing all the photos, but it’s not for lack of trying.

So let’s continue on this epic-landscape on location shooting journey!

Next up is:

Kinclaven Bluebell Woods

Did you know that bluebells are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act in Scotland? You can’t uproot them. You can’t sell them. And you damn well best not trample them! Still, we had to see them.

Joke’s on us though. Our trip to these woods that are normally teaming with bluebells this time of year, was about a week early. No blooms yet.

That ain’t gonna stop us photographers because the woods were scenic and full of Instagram drool-worthy backdrops.

When I saw Red, the Lakeland Terrier, trotting up in his dapper bowtie, I knew he was the model for me. Close on his heels was Ginny with her goldeny retriever locks. This photographer was all “yep! Let’s go, stylish doggos!

After that we drove over to location #2 of the day:

The Hermitage in Dunkeld

The Hermitage was put together by John Murray, a fancy 18th century Duke guy of sorts, to show off how rich he was (in beautiful land!) around his home in Dunkeld. It’s a 7.1km circle that would take any normal person without a massive bag of camera gear swarmed by cute puppies and waterfalls and photo-ops galore, around 2 hours to complete.

Well, I can say I was there at LEAST 2 hours, but only made it about 5 min up the path. Because….see above.

My group had started off with the cutest of terrier scruffy faces, Bramble and Hazel. They seemed to be in their element posing next to these epic waterfalls and amongst the mossy stones. Never mind the mishap with the ball that just about gave Ewan a heart attack…. Don’t worry. Everyone was safe and luckily with this group there’s always a TEAM (17 of us remember?!! Plus some plus 1’s) of dog loving folks around to keep an eye out….

Then we traded models for Jim, the bouncing ball of energy of a puppy Bernese mountain dog and his older Bernese brother, Winter.

Moving on!

Barrowland/St. Luke’s in Glasgow

The next day we’re back on the road, heading to Glasgow. I was excited for this one because I knew I was going to get some gritty urban shooting in on this one.

When I saw Dennis, in his figure flattering red and white striped attire, natch I ran in his direction to claim him as our group’s model. He also, just so happened to come with Vera, the demure chow and super poser.

We started around the Barras Market (home to the Barrowland Ballroom music venue!) and matched Dennis up with the red box doors. Had to get Vera too. Then….gaaaaaahhhh…..this awesome shot of these two besties together.

UGH. This entire area was just so cool. Graffiti and murals on nearly every wall and piles of kegs belonging to nearby pubs. What’s not to love.

Then we headed back to St. Luke’s, a church that was brilliantly converted into the hippest music venue in Glasgow (probably) by the Woods brothers. It had a quaint square where I got this gem of a shot of Dennis.

To its right is the Winged Ox pub. HUGE shout out to their staff for letting us photogs take over with a couple of dogs in tow to take some photos.

For real. I didn’t even realize we were allowed to enter to shoot until the clock was almost up. Luckily, I was able to grab Chili and take advantage of this RAD upright piano with a window displaying the strings and hammery things. She was taking requests in no time! Move over Britney, Chili’s in town.



I think I got my favorite photo I have ever taken in all of my years of holding a camera. EVER.


Chili the australian shepherd in moody lighting with paws up on an upright piano in a bar in Glasgow.
We got Chili, all that’s missing is T-boz and Left Eye. I mean VIBING, right?!!
Bradley the staffordshire bull terrier on a red couch with his arms over the back in the Winged Ox bar in Glasgow, Scotland.
Bradley, lookin’ not-so-grumpy.

Now I need to invade every bar in Milan and do more of this. When we were walking back to the cars I had the biggest smile on my face after getting this shot.

I also got a few shots of Bradley the “grumpy” staffy livin’ his best life at the bar. How cool, right?!

Ok, breathe Carol!! Because up next we have:


I’m pretty sure Coldplay wrote a song specifically about this former royal burgh, cause “it was all yellow.” And cute AF.

I started off with Jasmine the Aussie, Honey the Rottweiler and Tattie THE LAMB. Yes they all live together. Yes Tattie is just one of the pack. Yes they’re all super trained and photogenic and awesome. Buckle up those britches, bitches, before they blast off from cuteness.

Then there was Ziggy the Schnauzer. Anyone, pup or person, that can rock a trimmed beard and bushy eyebrows like Ziggy can, has my utmost respect.

And last but not least: TWO CASTLES.

But you’re going to have to wait for that because I’m not done editing them all yet.

Do you want to fly me to Scotland for your very own

epic Portrait session?


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  1. Kim Hollis

    Oh my gosh, just wow!! I can tell this was so much fun.

  2. Sharon

    That must have been an amazing experience! I am a sucker for a schnauzer.

  3. Nicole

    Oh my gosh, so JELLY!!! These are gorgeous!

  4. Darlene

    EPIC!!! These pictures AND your adventure! The LAMB name Tattie? I am in LOVE!!! How fun! Great post and thanks for sharing!!!

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