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Lights, Camera, Outfits included.
Pants optional.


The low down!

  • Design Your Style

    Meet with us to discuss the direction of the shoot. Tell us all about your Bestie and how you want to show them off.

  • The Shoot

    Your bestie shows off their best side with our in-studio session. It's an unforgettable experience in itself.

  • Enjoy the Results!

    Immortalize your pet and be the envy of your pack with an exclusive piece of art that makes you smile just as much as your bestie does.

Meet the


Hey! Carol Mudra here. I'm basically your Basic American Bitch who creates one-of-a-kind wall art starring your pets. Your relationship will be transformed into a statement piece for your home that makes  you smile just like your Bestie does everyday (unless Fido got caught chewing on  your Gucci's again!).

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People are talkin'

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Bruno's Mom

Carol came in with lots of ideas and she was very patient and sweet with Bruno who sucks at sitting still for more than 2 secs! The photos turned out fantastic. She rocks!

Carol's Mom

My Carol does such a great job with her photography. I especially like the cute aninmals in the little hats. Hire my daughter to make some art for you, too!

Carol's Mom - Linda

Hire My Carol!

Cotton, Kashmere, Piper + Zero's Mom

Carol was phenomenal! One of my cats is extremely grumpy and she got him to pose the best. The photos were adorable and captured each one of my pet's personalities.

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