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Frequently Asked Q’s

My dog can't be off leash!

No problem. Dogs will be dogs, and we’ll let them! In fact, even in the studio, a leash is a great tool to guide your Bestie into place. Leashes are always required in outdoor spaces. But never fear! They disappear with a wave of my handy Photoshop wand.

Sit at attention and concentrate for more than 2 seconds? No way!!

If only most of my clients were prefectly behaved pets! Actually, the more energy the better. Most pets that come into my studio aren’t super trained, if at all. Again, let them be themselves! Whether it be bouncing bundles of energy, or timid and curious to this new experience. I work with all personalities and will do my best to make sure they are comfortable. 

How are you protecting us from this pesky Covid19 business?

The safety of my clients (both with and without fur!) is top priority for me. For now, during all in-studio shoots, I ask that everyone wears a mask, myself included, unless I’m taking portraits of you. The studio will be sanitized both before and after each session for the protection of pups and people alike. If you require additional precautions, we’ll discuss that during our planning session. 

What does this amazing photography session cost? Does that include products?

Since this is a super custom experience, it varies client to client depending on your specific needs and wants! The session fee is required to book time with me in the studio. Although that doesn’t include any products, a portion will roll over into a credit that you can then use to purchase wall art of digital packages. Overall investments start at €800 and most clients spend, on average, €1500. 

Do you do pet nudes? Or family photos?

My real bread and butter is bringing out your pet’s best side, personified. However, if you are more of a purist at heart, let me know and I can set up a custom session for you.

Where are you located?

Mostly Milan, Italy! But since I’m a Chicago girl, keep an eye out for Chicago pop-up experiences too, by signing up for the newsletter!

Chicago Cubs or White Sox?

White Sox all the way baby!!! Growing up south of the city, it would be blasphemous to say otherwise. But overall I’m a Chicago fan, so Cubs if I must…

Arancina or arancino?

Having been corrected during my time living in Palermo, more than once….I’ve learned that’s “arancinA!” Prove me wrong!!

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