all the details from start to Glossy Finish


Step 1:

Book Your Session

€199 Session Fee Includes:
Style Planning Call

We plan a chat that’s most convenient to you to talk all about your pet! I want to know what makes them tick and why they make your heart skip a beat when they greet you at the door. Do you already have a naked wall that needs some sparkle? Tell me! Here, I’ll come up with a custom plan to style your photoshoot to exceed your wildest photoshoot dreams!

Custom Photoshoot

Is your pet grumpy until he gets his morning walk? Does she go absolutely bonkers when that “we only use this ball at the beach” ball comes out? Whatever your pet’s personality is, I’ll design an experience fit to represent them at their best, leaving you totally professional, fine-ass artwork that’s as one-of-a-kind as they are. The looks will be styled and all you need to do is show up, let your pet be their quirky selves, and enjoy!

Curated Gallery and Ordering Call

I’ll prepare a collection of all of the top photos from your session for you to view. These photos will be lightly edited to help you see what the final masterpiece will look like. I can even photoshop the artwork on your very own walls to take them from drab to DAZZLE!

€199 Product Credit

Once you book your session, 100% of your session fee, yes, all €199, turns into a product credit. You may use these on any and all products that I offer, during your ordering session call. 


You – And Your Walls – Totally Covered!

Step 2: Select Artwork

Fine-ass Wall Art

Packages starting at €1499

Actually, it’s more like €1300 with your €199 product credit! These drool-worthy products are bundled together to help you get the most bang for your buck. Let’s set up a call and I can walk you through the variety of products I have to offer.

Custom Planning

With my magical powers (eh hem… Photoshop…) I will show you exactly how that fab art will look on your walls. You simply send me an image of the wall you’re thinking you want your pet to enhance and I’ll drop the artwork in so you’re 100% confident you’ll love it!

Size, Material and Frame Options

– Starting at 20×30 cm

– Canvas, Aluminum or Archival, Matted Print

– Traditional or Floating Frame

– Customizable matte border

– Ready to hang!

Framed Wall Art
Digital File Package

Step 2: Select Artwork

Digital Collection

Collections Starting at €1599

Or really, €1400 after your €199 product credit. This collection gives you the flexibility to use your photos in a variety of ways!

High Resolution Files

These files come with a print release so you can print your own artwork up to 60cm on the long side. I get it, sometimes digitals are the way to go in this modern world. Especially if you’re the digital nomad type!

Complimentary Desk Prints

It hurts my heart to think of these gorgeous, and utterly personal images of your favorite Besties, collecting digital dust on an old hard drive somewhere. That’s why I include a folio box with complimentary desk prints as well as small watermarked, digital social media files with all corresponding digital photo purchases. Plus a wise dog once told me, never trust a hard drive!

Step 2: Select Artwork

Collection Upgrades

A La Carte from €1499+

Since this is a custom experience, designed just for you, a collection might not do the trick. I can put together a custom collection, with all the savings benefits, to meet your specific needs. All you gotta do is ask! 

Gift Add-ons!

Product purchases are structered in a way once you hit certain spending points, you unlock amazing deals for some super popular items like a desktop trifold or a shiny acrylic block. They make great gifts for your Bestie’s special friends, or grandparents!

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