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Do This One Simple Thing for an Amazing Pet Photo Session!


That was a trick! You really don’t have to do anything.
Just show up!

So you’ve decided you love my work. It’s the best ever. And you absolutely MUST work with me so you have pulled the trigger and booked a session. So now what do you need to do?! Nada! Just show up with your Bestie in tow and I’ll take care of the rest.

Let’s take a walk through the entire process from initial planning call, main photo session, gallery reveal and ordering session and finally the ::drumroll, please:: ARTWORK ENJOYMENT!

**SPOILER ALERT** This isn’t an in-and-out in 20 minutes process. In order to truly deliver a custom experience, you gotta show up more than once! You wouldn’t expect an architect or a gardener to come to your home and just do their thing, right? Probably not. There’s planning involved and in order to deliver the absolute best of the best artwork for your investment, it takes time. But hopefully it will be more fun than deciding if you want honeysuckle vines next to your oak bush or a guest bathroom so close to the kitchen (note* I am neither a gardener nor an architect…in case that was not clear). Don’t worry, though. I’ll do all the work. You just gotta show up!

The planning. (Show up #1)

Oh boy, oh boy. I love this part. The sky is the limit here. On our first video call, this is where we’ll get to know a little bit more about each other. I know, it sounds a lot like a first date, but it won’t be awkward at all and no one has to wonder who’s picking up the dinner bill!

I want to know all about your bond with dog/cat/iguana/bunny/etc. Our bonds with animals is what makes them such a special part in our lives and I want to know what that looks like for you! And YES! I want to see your pet on that call. It’s a great way for me to get to know them and see what color their fur coats are so I may match it accordingly.

Do their rears hang low? Does their bum wobble to and fro? How about a good lip sthuck on their teeth that always makes you laugh? When was the last time they made you laugh until you cried? Or maybe they just made you cry (RIP Limited Edition Air Jordan sneakers). I want to know all the juicy, juicy gossip that’s going on in your lives. I want to know how YOU see them!

I’ll also pick your brain to see what your style aesthetic is like. Do you tend to like more funky and outgoing looks, or are you a bit more of a trendy, minimalist with clean lines and modern vibes? Do you have a specific idea of what type of artwork you’d like? Did something on my website evoke a “oooo, yeah, gimme” twitch in you? Getting insight into the use of the artwork will help me style the perfect look.

If you have a room in mind, I’ll have you send over a picture of the wall so I can mock up what the final artwork would look like on that exact wall. No surprises here, just pure artwork satisfaction!

Gee, this client wall is looking a little boring.
Now with 100% more awesomeness! Wow!

Finally, I’ll walk you through the process in general. I’ll give you tips on what to bring and how to prepare before the shoot. Then we’ll talk about timing and the selection process and what to expect up until the delivery of the final pieces.

Pre-Session Prep

Now, before we even get to the most rad-magical part of this memory in the making, you have homework. That’s right. Do these things before even thinking about stepping into the studio.

Grind ’em down, and buff em’ up!
  1. In the days before: If your dog requires grooming make sure you do it a day or two before. That includes nail trims! And no muddy romps in the swamps before the shoot.
  2. The day of: Take your dog out for a good play session about an hour before we meet. It’s a good way to empty out the bladder and burn off some excess energy. If you have a senior pup, maybe this just means an off-schedule walk for some extra potty time.  Same for cats. Whip out that laser pointer and get a few laps in! It’s a strange and new experience for them and if they are wound up, it may add extra stress. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  3. The day of: Try to avoid big meals before the shoot. One of my tricks to getting attention is treats. They will be getting lots of treats! (Note: If your pet has any allergies let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate and bring your own treats is a-ok too!) It helps if they are hungry and a little eager for some snacks and they’ll probably be getting a little more calories than usual, and we don’t want any tummy aches (nor pukes in the studio!).
A romp at the park to burn off extra energy!
Two dogs wrestling in a giant hole at the park.
Wrastlin’ with a friend is also a good way to burn energy! Just don’t get too dirty.

A tired (but not exhausted!) and hungry pet is best!

The Photo Session Day! (Show Up #2)

Once you arrive, we’re officially on your pet’s time. We’ll take as many breaks as they need us too. They’re the star of the show! If they want brown M&M’s in their dressing room, so be it! Ok, I will absolutely not give them brown M&M’s (remember my “No Puking in the Studio” rule from above?! Plus chocolate and dogs is always a hard NO WAY!) but the models call all the shots.

Peekaboo Pepe
is curious and getting comfortable.

Pepe Exploring
while looking quite dapper.

As they explore, sniff and get a feel for the studio, we will start to pick out outfits and get some looks together. Then, I’ll do a few test shots to make sure they are comfortable with the camera sounds and lights. If they need some warming up to it, we’ll go super slow and show them that click+flash=good stuff!

You may be worried that your dog isn’t perfect at commands. Especially if there’s sausage bites in range! And you know what? Most of the dogs I have in the studio aren’t professionally trained. It’s a rare breed (pun!!) that can give me the perfect over-the-shoulder-fur-toss and seductive glance on command (I have not found this yet. If your dog can do this, please, let’s talk). Remember. I’m a professional and I have all sorts of ways of getting beautiful photographs of your pet. Let them be themselves. If that’s doing jet fueled laps around the studio, so be it. I literally only need a fraction of a second to snap a photo!

No farts allowed!

Vinny the partially blind dog, getting used to the studio with a little help from mom.
Vinny’s mom helps him used to all the sniffs and sounds in the studio, since he can’t see as well as he used to.

Want in on a little secret? Fart noises. Yes. It’s my secret weapon. (Wo)Man has bred dogs over decades and decades to serve us and provide us with perfect companionship or loyal working partners. Yet a subtle squeak of a cheek, toot trombone gets them every time. I hope you realize I’m not joking. I will be making all sorts of weird noises that will probably also make you tilt your head in confusion too.

You may feel tempted to join in. But I will ask you kindly to refrain from mimicking my cacophony of well-rehearsed flatulence flute, because we don’t want to risk them looking at you instead of my lens!

For cats it’s the elusive PSSSS PSSSST noise sometimes paired with my nails making a scratching noise on the ridges of the hardwood floor. In case you’re wondering, my dear furless client friend, no, you can’t join in here either.

Once I feel as though I’ve hit everything on our shot list, you’re free to go home for a well-deserved nap. I’ll take care of the rest.

Mucca, dog, relaxing in the studio with a vintage suitcase and letterboard.
Comfort at the studio is of utmost importance.

The moment has finally arrived to see your Bestie in all their fine-ass artwork glory!

We’ll do another video call and I’ll reveal all the best selects from our session. I’ll have one or two examples with a close-to-final edit so you can envision the final product and the rest will have basic adjustments made so the important things like expression and position can be seen.

On top of that, if you sent me a photo of a wall you’d like to display your art, I will have a mock up ready of a few different options; either a gallery wall or a large feature piece depending on what you told me you’re looking for.

I’ll help you select the best options for you and your needs and you can order them right then and there. It helps if anyone who wants in on the final decision is on this final call so there are no surprises. Plus, it’s fun to see all your efforts come together!

Tears guaranteed (probably!)

At this point, if for any reason you’re unhappy with the photos, I guarantee all sessions. We will either reschedule for another time or I’ll give you a full refund.

Finally, I’ll make all final edits to your selections and send them off to my professional printing lab to create the final masterpieces for you.

Wall Art Enjoyment! (Show Up #4)

Your final pieces are ready for pickup at the studio!

They are packed with care and inspected to fully ensure they are perfect and only the best top quality for you. You can open them here and check each piece out, but brace yourself. It’s such a great feeling to unwrap a piece of gallery-quality artwork that encompasses all that is awesome about your bond with your Bestie. Trust me. I’ve had several of these moments in laying eyes on artwork of my own dogs and there’s  no feeling like it in the world. And that feeling comes back to me each time I walk pact their goofy faces on my walls – several times a day!

Dog approving wall art before hanging.
Nola giving her utmost approval before the final art goes on the wall.

Each piece comes with information on how to care for them long-term and tips and tricks for arranging and hanging them. Everything you purchase from me has a lifetime guarantee. Your investment is meant to bring you joy forever, and I stand by that!

And that’s that! Expect some goodies that might surprise and delight you along the way, but the rest is straight forward and catered specifically to your needs, wants and deepest desires (at least as far as pet photography goes…!)

Are you ready to mark your walls with the furry faces that have already left a mark on your heart?

Schedule a consultation call or just book a session today! GO! Now! Chop, chop!

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