White and brown kitten playing with a flower on it's side with bright blue eyes and cute paws out.

Toe Beans and the Details that Make a Session Personal


You know that little swirl of fur on their chests? Or the feathery fur that wisps in a gentle breeze off the back of their legs? 

The tail that winds all the way around to form a full 360 degrees of butt flair fluff. 


These are the details that I look for when capturing your pet in a photo session. 

It’s these little things that, when we look at our dogs or cats, smack our brains with those feel-good feels. 

It’s all in the DETAILS!

For me, it’s how Nola’s one ear sticks out a little bit further than the other one when she’s in full-concentration mode. Or it’s Mucca’s jet-black patch of fur on his right side. And both of them have those little button swirls of fur on their chests. They’re perfect for poking your finger into.

Then there’s the feet. Frito’s sponsorship aside, those little feet are SO cute. And the smaller they are, they cuter they seem to be. 

Ryan the Pomeranian a side profile reaching up towards a dog treat flying in the air a little above his face in the studio in Milan.
Oh Almighty Treat-o, come to me!

Also, each of those beans is as boop-worthy, if not more boopable, than the previous one. 

And seeing these little details (d-tails?!) can really add that super personal touch to each pet portrait that makes any pet parent squeal “YES! That’s totally THEM!”

Take Ryan the Pomeranian for example. We’d just wrapped up a session that went really well. Ryan was super treat-oriented so it made him a breeze to work with. Not to mention he just had his hair done the week before and just formed a perfect cloud of cuteness.

Well, I’d thought we had finished the session, but Ryan had other plans. His Dad was getting his things together and they started to play a bit. 

“HOLD THE DOOR. Keep doing that but on the backdrop!”

And two clicks on my camera later, we had this magical moment. Dad had a treat in hand and that little paw went up and that was IT. I added the hover-cookie in later – but all these pieces together tell a story. It shows how Ryan sees and loves The Almighty Dog Biscuit! 

His stretching of the toe beans towards the ultimate snack prize, makes the story. 

Here are a few other examples when those little puppy feet pads make an appearance. Sometimes it’s more natural than others. Or maybe they’re just tired of my super slick backdrop paper so it’s the plop and sploot instead. 

Cat Toe Beans

Cats are another level. Their innate drive to slice at things with its claws, often means those toe beans appear more often. 

One of my favorite poses for cats is them sitting, facing me but at an angle, and that arm and swatting at a toy. I love this springy-feathery-doo-dad thing for cats. Yes. Official name. 

It’s got bells and boings all over and really, it may be more fun for me than the actual cats. 

It’s also great when a cat feels so at ease in the studio that they will grab anything and just roll around with it. Take baby Indy here. He saw one of my flower hair tie props and decided it must be killed. Immediately. And BAM! Cute toe bean detail shots. 

What’s your favorite boopable-detail on your cat or dog? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Darlene

    “Ryan the Pomeranian” – LOVE him!!!The raised “toe beans” are so cute and what a perfect studio capture! Love the cat images … as we know… cats are HARD to photograph – nailed it!
    Favorite “boopable-detail” on my dog? Her nose! She’s got that pink snow nose in the winter!!!

  2. Lynn

    I love seeing a dog’s toe beans! Photographing in studio can give you a lot of options to capture the toe beans and other special details of a pet.

  3. Kim Hollis

    I love your attention to the personal details. Toe beans and tushies are some of my favorites. Good job getting them in the studio too. That seems harder!

  4. Cahlean Klenke

    That paw up glimpse of toe beans image you captured of Ryan the pom is ADORABLE and the caption is EPIC! You capture all the details – toe beans included – in your studio sessions.

    Favorite boop-able detail on my dog Blue… his nose. His best squishy, soft, bury your hands into it spot.. his jowls!

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