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The Wacky and Wonderful Things You Can Expect On This Blog


Mostly, It’s about How to have the coolest pet on the block and Probably some Laughs too.

Congrats! You did it! You’ve stumbled upon one of the best blogs on the ‘Net with all of the professional, inside intel on how to have the coolest dog or cat or guinea pig, this side of Navigli. I hope you like fun. If not, just click away right now. I’ll wait.

Oh good, you are still reading! Yes, we like fun here too! And that’s what I’m bringing you.

The heart and juicy core of this blog is photography. But wait! There’s more!

I always aim to keep you informed on all the cool things pet related in this world. We’ll have some laughs together and there will always, always be rad pictures of pets that are guaranteed to make you so happy your butt wags.

The photography!

On the photography side, I’ll offer regular insight into how a professional photographer works as well as how a custom session is run. You’ll get served inside info on how I prepare, style, and set you up to totally rock your session so you’re 100% excited the second you walk in the door.

I’ll also offer pro tips on how to capture amaze-balls photos of your pet at home. Although a big monster of a fancy camera helps, the phone in your pocket will do just fine. Sometimes the best camera is the one you have on you in the moment.  I’ll share all my industry tips to help you up your Instagram Game and make all your snaps look simply STELLAR!


Photography aside, this blog will serve up life-hacks to say #nailedit to that  Pet Parent Lifestyle.

  • Looking to spoil your pet?
    Why not indulge in a recipe on how to make a pet-friendly mocktail to unwind after a long round of fetch?! (Spoiler alert: most are just water based but dressed up to impress your legions of Instagram followers!)
  • Need ideas on matching outfits for you and your pet for when you hit that hot new restaurant in Brera?
    I have some ideas about that!
  • Or do they merely want a drool-inducing, cold, pup-sicle treat for relaxing pool-side on a hot day? Yep, yep. I got you.
Mozart the guinea pig country boy.
Mozart channeling his inner cowboy vibes. Giddy-YES!
Hot trends!

And please don’t forget about the style. This personification of our pets is what makes portraits at Apawture Studios so unique.

Style is so important! This American(a) is bringing her American Style across the pond, to the fashion-capital, Milan. But for dogs.

I’ll be sharing all the trendiest Italian brands that I find locally around Milan, or from my roots back in Chicago and anything else around the world I may stumble across along the way.

Look for guest spots with local designers and maybe even some parody look books or ridiculous takes on everyday dog style.

Lincoln the sad puppy poses in his hat and bowtie.
Lincoln, don’t be so sad! We can always do another photoshoot in the future!
Let’s have some fun!

There will be lots of good times, and jokes. Lots of jokes. Take it with a grain of salt and just enjoy the ride. I hope it should be pretty obvious when I’m just being ridiculous. If not, drop me a line or leave a comment and ask me what the heck I’m thinking!

Or better yet, stop by for “Rate My Stick” posts as well as “in Memoriam” odes to toy friends lost along the way.

Come for the cute pet pics, stay for the hot pet tips!

One of the best qualities of having our pets around us all the time is the entertainment value. I hope this blog entertains you as much as they do us. Just as I aim to do with telling your pet’s story through the artwork I create.

If you have any funny stories, share them with me! Comment. Follow me on the Socials. Slide into my DMs (does anyone really use that phrase anymore?). Whatever. Let’s hang.

Most importantly, enjoy!

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