Black lab dog photography wall art on a green kitchen with fern, in Chicago.

Don’t fail the Furry center of your world


We center our lives around our pets. From the moment those timid, waggly butts first enter our homes, they monopolize nearly every decision we make. Vacations are planned around them and work schedules are shifted for vet check-ups. We plan their potty breaks meticulously but keep our own bladders bulging so they can get in a few more zzzz’s on our laps.

So why the hell aren’t they the center of your home décor too?!!

How does that one song go? From the window….to the walls….hang rad pics of your pets with their favorite balls? Yeah, that’s it!

Gus the chihuahua in Logan Square, Chicago, IL dreaming about having her own pet photography session on a shaggy green rug.
Gus, longing for her moment in front of the camera.

Pay homage

It’s like those stories of people that love their pets in massively excessive ways. Gunther’s Millions anyone?

Or those folks who clone their pets just to keep them and their love flowing in perpetuity.

Pet artwork is kinda like that, minus the whole “dog yacht chauffeur” thing and the ethics of cloning.

Having art of your pet on the wall while they run amok underfoot simultaneously, is impactful. Everyone should experience it.

And the brutal truth: only that wall art will last forever.

Punk Gus, the chihuahua, with black and white mohawk in a dark grey room in Milan.
Gus may be small, but she deserves to be the center of attention.

Without dabbling in any questionable DNA work, that is!

Fur. Ev. Er. Memories

The main goal of creating these unique pieces of art is to, of course, capture your pet’s uniqueness. Beyond that, the memories made in the process will forever be imbedded in the very fibers of the final photographs.

Every time you look at that wall, you will feel the warm ping of a lovely you shared together with your Bestie.

It’s not all that uncommon to plan a special vacation around your dog or a picnic in their favorite park. But how often do you have a professional photographer in tow to preserve those memories?

Often? Good! You can stop reading here!

But if not, then think of a pet photography experience as a two for one. It’s a fun and special day where your pet is the center of all the attention. THEN, they also get to be front and center in your home décor.


Instagram stories fade after 24 hours.

Digital photos get buried in our camera rolls.

Or worse: they get flushed with the rest of your data when that phone slips out of your back pocket and into the john (definitely NOT speaking from personal experience here, nope, not me, never, mai!)

The very nature of artwork is to appreciate it, protect it and enjoy it’s presence. A little bit like how we see our furry besties.

So don’t we owe it to them to by paying homage to the bond we have spent years building with them?  

Ready to do your Bestie right?

Let’s get ‘EM
on the walls!!


This post is part of a blog circle of some of the most uber-talented pet photographers all over the world. Keep reading to see what how other photographers are finding their “center”!

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  1. Elaine

    You have absolutely convinced me. The center of our universe needs to be the center of our wall space! Great post!

  2. Nicole

    hahaha I don’t know that song, but I’m going to find it now.

  3. Darlene

    Haha the phone slipping out of the pocket! Yes, we do EVERYTHING for our pups! Yes on regular vet appointments… but when have I last been to the doctor???
    Always love reading your posts!

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