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Why do I have this affinity for these awe-inspiring acrylic prints?!


Picture this: first thing in the morning, you groggily wander into the kitchen. Your eyes are still half closed as you put the moka pot on the stove. As you await that precious first sip of espresso to get your motor going, you look up and there it is. Staring at you.

Now imagine a lovely night on the town. You celebrated the birthday of a close friend with a nice dinner. The after dinner amaro leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy as you kick off your shoes by the front door. But there it is again! Watching you.

A boring, bland, blank wall.

If only you could capture that flood of feeling loved by your pet and splash it all over the walls that protect you. If only you could take their vibrancy and drown your house in it.

Good news, folks! You can!

In the form of an awe-inspiring acrylic wall print.

What’s the deal with acrylic prints, anyway?

First, let’s not confuse this with acrylic paints. I’m no Lichtenstein here.

The kind of acrylics I’m talking about are the color-rich prints to adorn your walls.

Dog paws reflected in the shiny acrylic surface.
Mucca generously helps demonstrate the shininess of these prints. Although he really wishes this print was of him instead of his pesky little sister.

The prints I offer at Apawture Studios, are top-quality face mounted. What does that mean in non-photographer jargon? It’s a high quality print on professional photography paper, using a luxe pigment ink in a rich matte finish. It is then mounted to the back of a glass-like sheet of acrylic. The edges are diamond polished to leave a crispy, clear edge. The epitome of modern wall sexiness.

The result is a gorgeously vibrant piece of wall art that would put any Insta snap to shame. The thickness of the acrylic adds a sense of depth to the photo to really bring out its rich details. Smooth like butter, deep like the ocean!

Go ahead, just reach into that portrait and ruffle that fur.

The Shiny Benefits
  • It’s waterproof, which means it’s easy to clean. You can even hang it near the kitchen sink. If you happen to splatter last night’s Bolognese sauce across it, no worries. It’ll wipe right off, unlike that white cotton blouse that seemed like a good idea to wear at the time.
  • The acrylic adds a level of UV protection. Your art won’t tan, nor will it lose its bright pops of color.
  • It’s lighter than glass and shatterproof. So if you are the type to move often, you don’t have to worry about Mr. Muscle Mover Man giving it a “gentle toss” into the truck. Especially if you’re paying by the weight.
  • It’s super easy to hang! Wall mounts are built right in. One nail or screw will do ya!
  • It’s just super GORGEOUS. Need I say more?

Acrylic prints really are my favorite, in case you have not picked up on that by this point in the post.

They make a bold statement in your home. Your friends will be jealous. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. A statement piece, by definition.

When you come into the studio, I have a variety of samples you can drool over yourself. You will know exactly what you’re purchasing. I also offer a variety of add-on acrylic products like blocks for your desk or albums with acrylic covers.

So let’s get together and splash some love on your walls, starring the little ones that you love so much.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to schedule a short consultation call with me. We’ll figure out how Apawture Studios can go to work for you.


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  1. Jessica

    You crack me up! But yes, these are a sexy piece!

  2. Cahlean

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE acrylics! Who wouldn’t love to have one in their home? BTW Your writing style is fun and personable!

    • THE Carol Mudra

      Haha! Thanks, Cahlean! And yes, my next step is seeing if I can find someone to manufacture mural-sized acrylics!

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