lookbook / 2023


Damn, you look good, dawg! Take a look at some of our most stylish clients yet. Let these trends inspire you to create your own custom look for your Bestie, with Apawture Studios.

Putting the /art/ in

Fine-ass Wall Art

Celebrate Your Besties like the ROCK STARS that they are


Puppy Lincoln in stylish room mockup with records.
Violet the chocolate lab in a room with a chair and her purple pearls.

The Center of your world And your Living Room

Your home is your den. You escape the business of the outside world there. So why not fill it with things that bring you joy?  Double, triple or quadruple the number of pets in your home, minus all the shedding!

Punk Puppy on the wall of a modern living room.
Bright yellow kids bedroom with yellow puppy wall art.

Take that giddy feeling every time you gaze into their eyes and

Slap it up on the Wall to enjoy forever.

All your needs from

your walls and beyond

Maggie the sugar-faced senior labrador, in an olive green kitchen. portrait
Table Display - 3 Dogs - Pitbull Puppy

No wall space? Move a lot? No worries! We have lots of portable items, too. Either way, That cute face will SPARKLE!


Metal Prints
Framed and Matted
Acrylic Prints


Folio Boxes
Digital Packages
Desktop Blocks


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Dog dressed in a robe with towel on his head

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