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Spa-day tips

How to Treat your bestie to a relaxing DIY, at-home Spa day.
They deserve it!


These days of "No Pants is the New Pants" have gotten us all into a bit of a tail-spin, but that doesn't mean we need to entirely let ourselves go. Same goes for our fur friends, too. 

That's where this amazing DIY Spa-Day Guide comes in. Quick, request it right now! The form is right there, waiting for your sweet, sweet input. 

Thank them for reminding you to crawl out of Fort Are You Still Watching and get some fresh air 3 times a day. For happily taste-testing your new recipe of stale crackers and a can of tuna left from the previous tenants. For letting you encroach on their quiet nappy nap time, day after day, after day, after day.

Treat them. They deserve it!

Go on and give Your Bestie some R&R.

Get it here!

grab your totally amazing
Spa-Day Guide below:

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