5 doggo Spa
day tips

How to Treat your bestie to a relaxing DIY, at-home Spa day.
They deserve it!


Fancy meeting you here! I'm glad you came. These days of "No Pants is the New Pants" have gotten us all into a bit of a tail-spin, but that doesn't mean we need to entirely let ourselves go. Same goes for our fur friends, too. 

Luckily all this remote working has allowed us a little extra time with our Besties, however, you may be looking to get a little more creative with how you spend your time together. I mean, you can only play "Name that Funk - Is It You or Me?" and "Fastest to Finding What Died in the Back of the Fridge, Wins!" so many times, right? 

That's where this amazing DIY Spa Day Guide comes in! Quick, request it right now! It's easy. The form is right there, waiting for you. 

Skim it. Sniff it. Soak it up. Then, post a pic of how it went and tag us on your favorite socials. Brag a lil' about who isn't feeling so funky anymore! Then, I hope you'll stick around to see cute pet pics, how to be Top Dog in a tough modeling world, and stay on the cutting edge of all things Pet Style.

Go Forth and Relax!

Get it here!

grab your totally amazing Spa Day Guide below:

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