5 Ways to Sock: The Winter Fashion Collection

What does it mean when wet noses turn frosty? Crisp, kibble scented dog breath crystals cling to cold muzzles and perhaps there is even a dusting of yellow snow, over every corner of the sidewalk. It means winter is here. And any Good Boy wouldn’t dare to be seen about the park, out of fashion, in last season’s sock.

I’ve compiled a collection of what’s super cool on the scene right now when sporting your latest laundry pile find. Whether fresh from the dryer, or a ripe, full-on eye stinger, there’s a look for any type of sock. This year, knee-highs are in, whether you actually have knees or not!

#1 – The Top Knot

Sometimes you just gotta be flexible for lack of proper heating in the office or overheating in a sun spot magnified by floor-to-ceiling privacy glass. This fashionable look can be worn up to warm up your noggin or you can just tip your head and let it fall at your feet to cool off. It will make you want to say “Hey, man! You want to try my new toilet bowl home-brew? It’s an IPA.”

2. The Messy On Purpose

Loose knots will really help tie this look together. This sock can be paired with a nice t-shirt for a casual look, or a full suit to show people that you mean business. Sometimes you do need to try a little bit to make it look like you didn’t try at all. People respect that!

3. Camp Fire Cozy

Nights can be extra chilly around here. You’ll be glad to have the extra neck warmth. This fashionable sock look can finish off any outfit and really tie it all together. It will also help you fit right in at the golf course. Hole in one? Yes, please.

4. The Side Sweep

This look is casual yet hip in all of its asymmetrical glory. If your ears hang low, but not low enough, this is a great way to keep the side of your arm warm, or alternatively, cool from the sun.

5. I Mean Business When I’m Doing My Business

It’s for Business Time. All the time! Elevate your sense of fashion by putting a tie over that t-shirt. It’s another that will really tie the look together. Yes. I went there!

Bonus: The Red Hot Red Rocket Pocket

Sometimes you just need to do a good sprawl and our Good Boys know that we mustn’t be crude. That’s why, as a stylist, I always carry a spare RHRRP on me at all times, in case Mucca needs a good censorship.

Are you in?

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