I’ve always wanted a sister. Someone to share outfits and take selfies with on all our fun adventures. Unfortunately, my parents said one daughter is daughter enough, and that dream never came to fruition. So I got a dog. Or rather, I met a boy who had a dog. His name was Paunch—the dog’s that is—and he just so happened to be about my size and also looked fabulous as a redhead.

When the boy went to visit family for Thanksgiving, somehow I ended up alone with the dog for an entire week. I sat at one end of the couch and he sat on the other. And stared. I’d throw one of his toys and coax him to go get it. But he just sat there. And stared. I got a cookie for him which he gobbled up instantly without budging. And stared. What was I going to do with this dog for a whole week? How was I going to impress this boy that I liked if I couldn’t even win over his dog?

Then it clicked. He was the perfect subject! He just sat there. And stared!

I called upon my years of experience as an art director, designer and photographer in the ad world. How can I captivate my audience—the boy—while engaging the subject—the dog—by bringing out his innermost rock star that I’d heard so much about? I dove into my wardrobe and styled a glam ensemble that was as kickass as Paunch was: a tutu, a wig and some too-hip-to-be-square shades. Then, with the help of an irresistible spoonful of peanut butter, I was able to lure the gaze of Paunch and his new look into my camera lens.

After sending the boy the results of the first of many, many photo shoots, he could clearly see Paunch was in good hands and my new sister-from-another-mister and I were having a blast. Since then, I’ve realized my deep love for all types of animal friends and he’s been my boyfriend ever since—the boy that is.

Apawture Studios was born.